Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tilt/Shift in Photography tutorial

As a member of DeviantArt (largest global art community) I was asked to explain how I created the 'Tilt/Shift' manipulation effect on my photographs. It would have taken ages and too complicated to explain in a simple text message so I created a step-by-step guide of my process (ie. a tutorial).

In less than a few days it has had over two thousand views, not bad, and I have received alot of positive feedback by interested artists and photographers.

The tutorial can be found here .
Just click the 'DOWNLOAD IMAGE' button, at the top-right of the page, for the full-sized tutorial.

Here are some examples, below, of my Tilt/Shift creations in Photoshop.

Feel free to read my tutorials feedback here at DeviantArt. There are links to other artists using this process. If you wish to try this tutorial out for yourself, let me see what you create by leaving a link or message in my comment box in this blog. Good luck! :-)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Letter A vectored

In the 1980's, as part of my art course, I had to choose a letter from the alphabet and create 8 new designs involving illustration and using different drawing styles. These were created the traditional way, pencil and rotring pen on cartridge paper (see below).

Recently a vector/type friend of mine saw this piece and suggested I vector one of the designs, just to see the effect. So eventually I had a go in Adobe Illustrator and came up with this (see below). I am very pleased with the final 2010 effect!